Biographical sketch  -  Terry Geiser 

Born and raised in Huntingdon Pennsylvania.

Parent of two sons and a foster daughter.

Education and Work
Graduate of the Pittsburgh Triangle Tech, Associate degree in Engineering Design

US Air Force Non-commissioned officer during Vietnam Era

White House Communications Agency (during Nixon and Ford Administration)

Dacom, Rapicom, Ricoh, corporations 15 years.

From field engineering ending as Director of Corporate Strategy and Planning

Taught Strategy Development for the Forum Corporation, Boston and Management extension UC, Berkeley

Partner in the Consulting Firm - Meridian Group  - 20 years

Founder and Partner in the Consulting firm -  Simple Idea

Partner in the Design Firm – Michelle Nelson Design

Points Of Interest

Member of the Order of the New China Hands, February 1972 (present when Chairmen Mao and President Nixon first shook hands)

Wrote the interface policy between Quality Planning practices of a two time Deming Award winner in Japan and entrepreneurial organizations in the USA – Ricoh Corp.

Co-founder of the Techno-Cultural Forum.,  A Silicon Valley group for the discovery of ideas and concepts on Office and Factory Automation and Corporate Culture

Co-founder of the Nevitt Sanford Symposium, a Symposium for leaders exploring the limits of productivity and people in their organization -  Humanizing the workforce

Discussion Leader at the Annual Arts and Crafts Conference on Bungalow Restoration and other panels.

Contributing Author to the book on California Tile makers from the California Heritage Museum: Authored the chapter on Arequipa pottery, Fairfax, CA

Memberships and Volunteering

Consulted to Senior Staff, Consulted to the Board, Supported, Volunteered, and Donor Forum Member of the Oakland Museum of California.  Since 1992

Member/ Supports

Tile Heritage Association

Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association

Stickley Farms Museum

Friends of the Gamble House

California Heritage Museum

Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art
     Trustee of the Maybeck Foundation


Researching California Arts and Crafts movement

Collecting books and publications on turn of the century Copper smithing, Block printing, Arts and crafts design, Manual Arts training, Handicrafts, and bad poetry of the Bay Region

Coppersmith and Metal Artsmith

Hand built and Handcrafted Cars

Restoring, preserving, and improving the Blake House (1911 Charles Sumner Kaiser)

Teaching and Managing High Performance Driving Events 

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